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Park Min-young admits relationship with rich cryptocurrency businessman but says it’s over now

Korean actress Park Min-young admitted that the rich cryptocurrency businessman who was being linked to her became her boyfriend but said their relationship is over now.

On Sept. 28, Korean media outlet Dispatch published an exclusive report about the romance between Park Min-young, 36, and businessman Kang Jong-hyun, 40, who is involved in Vidente, a company involved in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and TVLogic.

Park Min-young issued an official statement through her agency after one day and admitted that she and Kang Jong-hyun were in a relationship. She denied that she received money from him.

“Park Min Young has broken up with the individual mentioned in the dating reports, and it is by no means true that she received a lot of financial support from him,” Hook Entertainment said, SBS News reported.

The agency added, “Since it is her top priority to finish the filming of ‘Love in Contact’ well, she will do her best not to cause any trouble on that. She will also be more cautious about her actions for not only the actress herself, but also for her family and everyone related to her; and will continue to faithfully work as an actress with a sense of responsibility as a public figure.”

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A separate report by SBS News stated that Park Min-young’s sister is an outside director of Inbiogen, another company that is allegedly owned by Kang Jong-hyun.

According to the Inbiogen website, the company is involved in making kiosks, researching anti-cancer drugs and footwear.

In the same statement issued by Hook Entertainment, it was stated that Park Min-young’s older sister has informed Inbiogen of her intention to resign as an outside director.

The Vidente website states that the company “is a shareholder of Bithumb, a global cryptocurrency trading company.”

“Bithumb Korea has emerged as the world’s No.1 exchange with high trading volume and has grown into the No.1 virtual asset exchange in the world since launching its services in 2014,” according to the Bithumb website.

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After her contract with agency Namoo Actors expired, she signed up with Hook Entertainment, which was acquired by Chorokbaem Media, a company that is being linked to Kang Jong-hun.

Dispatch posted photos of Park Min-young and Kang Jong-hyun and reported that after she finished her ballet class, she went to Wonju, a city in Gangwon Province, South Korea. Park Min-young and Kang Jong-hyun went to an apartment in Wonju, the Dispatch report stated.

Park Min-young starred in dramas such as “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” together with actor Park Seo-joon,

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