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Can a pillow stop you from snoring? (VIDEO)

Visitors to the recent CES 2023 in Las Vegas may have noticed an intriguing connected pillow that promises to dramatically reduce snoring by slightly altering the position of a person’s head while they sleep.

From the self-driving stroller to the cable-free TV, each year’s CES showcases a host of innovations in consumer electronics, and the 2023 edition was no exception. Among the most surprising, but no less useful, products spotted at the show is a pillow designed to reduce the noise caused by snoring at night.

Magic pillow?

This innovative creation was developed by a South Korean start-up called 10minds, and is, in fact, the latest version of a product that seems to have already proved its worth. The system is based on four inflatable cushions placed inside the pillow. Depending on the position of the user’s head and its movements, these can be used to raise the head and better align it with the rest of the body to help free the airways. A small unit, designed to be placed on the bedside table, serves to detect snoring sounds and remotely activate the functioning of these internal air cushions.

As the pillow is connected, it sends a host of practical data to an accompanying mobile application. The user will be able to find out how long they have been snoring and the number of maneuvers that took place during the night.

Motion Pillow

The Motion Pillow is available in South Korea for 870,000 won (around RM3,065), the equivalent of around US$700. In its product announcement, 10minds compares the noise of a snorer to that of a riotous heavy metal concert and states that so far nearly 94 per cent of users of this pillow have noted, via their application, a significant decrease in the duration and volume of their snoring. Sweet dreams! – ETX Studio

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