AsiaPolice chase Australian couple having sex in car

Police chase Australian couple having sex in car

PETALING JAYA — A man in Australia allegedly led police on a three-hour car chase before being reportedly caught – having sex with his passenger

The 27-year-old man was allegedly spotted driving at 180km/h in a Melbourne suburb just before midnight on Sunday, 7 News reported.

The speed limit in the area is 80km/h.

Local police said that when they finally stopped the car three hours later, they discovered the driver having sex with his 23-year-old female passenger.

During the chase, police deployed tyre spikes at an intersection in an attempt to slow the car down.

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Despite having two punctured tyres, the driver allegedly refused to pull over – this prompted ground police to call in air support.

The vehicle was followed by a helicopter for a period of time, before ground police units continued pursuing the vehicle as it returned to the highway.

The authorities claim that by this point, the vehicle had slowed down to 40km/h as its tyres had deflated down to the rims.

After police deployed even more tyre spikes, the car finally pulled to a stop at around 3am – where the driver and his passenger were allegedly found having sexual intercourse.

The man has since been charged with dangerous driving, unlicensed driving, committing indictable offences while on bail, breach of bail, and possession of a controlled weapon.

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The female passenger was released without any charges.

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