LifePortland survivors: Women missing for 5 days found inside jeep covered with...

Portland survivors: Women missing for 5 days found inside jeep covered with snow

Kimberly Pushard, 51, and Angela Bussell, 50, both from Maine “miraculously escaped” death and were found alive inside their Jeep close to an isolated snowmobile trail in the Maine backwoods in Portland. They were lost on the road for five days.

Based on New Hampshire State Police records, the friends who happen to have “intellectual disabilities” set out for a trip to The Maine Mall in South Portland on Feb. 21 but got lost while trying to drive home.

Portland Joy

Their journey took them hundreds of miles to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and back to Maine, as authorities tried to track their location via their cellphones before they lost power.

As recorded in a surveillance video at a gas station in Springfield, the women got fuel and then inquired at the clerk of the store for directions to Interstate 95 south.

Their vehicle was spotted traveling south toward Enfield, Maine then disappeared.

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Sunday afternoon, a Portland game warden who was searching an area not previously assigned, stumbled upon their Jeep covered in snow.

“Those things don’t always happen by chance,” warden Brad Richard told the outlet. “I think [it] kind of was meant to be.”

When Richards knocked on the door of the jeep, it creaked open to reveal the two women, cold, and hungry, but alive and well. Their car had rarunut of gas the day before and they were without heat. Inside they also had half a bottle of frozen Mountain Dew.

After Richard provided Pushard and Bussell with some snacks from his supplies, he told the women he needed to go back and contact other rescuers for assistance.

Pushard reportedly said: “Well, would you hurry up?”

Pushard and Bussell

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On Sunday afternoon, the Topsham Police Department posted the news about the Portland women on Facebook.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful conclusion to the search for Kimberly Pushard and Angela Bussell!

“Ms. Pushard and Bussell were located near Nicatous Lake in East Hancock Maine. Members of the Maine Warden Service are escorting Ms. Pushard and Bussell to awaiting medical services as this announcement is being posted.”

Bussell was treated for frostbite at a Portland hospital before being discharged, while Pushard stayed overnight for treatment of bruises and muscle pulls.

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