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Han So Hwee’s agency responds to questions about her health

South Korean actress Han So Hwee’s health has been a concern for her fans recently. Her agency has officially responded to the growing concerns over Han So Hwee’s health.

Vogue Thailand recently posted a video interview with the star from an OMEGA event in Bangkok. After the release of the video, a number of concerned fans were worried over Han So Hwee as she looked noticeably thinner than before in the clip.

On November 22, 9ato Entertainment, the actress’ agency reassured fans and the public that she was in perfectly good health.

“The interview video that is currently causing a stir is a video that was filmed recently,” said the agency. “There is nothing wrong with Han So Hee’s health at all.”

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It was confirmed recently that Han So Hwee will be attending the upcoming 2022 Asia Artist Awards (AAA) which will be held in Japan on December 13.

The actress is starring in the Netfix original series Gyeongseong Creature which is scheduled to be released in 2023.

In other news, Han So Hwee has been getting attention from netizens for her beauty. She attracted the eyes of many when a netizen uploaded recent photos of her in a white dress on an online community forum.

She also made headlines for her stunning photos taken at a sake bar.

Netizens left comments such as, “this kind of beauty cannot be obtained through plastic surgery.” They also said that Han So Hwee is the number 1 actress whose beauty reflects the generation of the current times.

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Meanwhile, some netizens noted that she has “lost so much weight” recently. Others made comments not just about her external beauty but also about her personality, saying that they “know people in the industry who testified that Han So Hwee is freakin’ nice.”

Other netizens also brought back an image from her appearance in a period drama where she exuded traditional elegance.

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