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Quinn’s Irish Tavern Makes Its Way Into Singapore By Overtaking Two Established Pubs

The Singaporean alcohol market overview offers a positive outlook for pub owners. It is a budding space where many entrepreneurs have set up shop to make the most of rising consumer consumption.

As the market continues to grow, Quinn’s Irish Tavern has looked to seize the opportunity by taking over two well-established English pubs – recreating them into Irish-themed bars.

Introducing An Irish Spin To The Singaporean Scene

Owned by a group of Singaporean entrepreneurs, Quinn’s Irish Tavern took over two well well-off English pubs in Singapore and turned them into Irish Taverns by December 2021. Quinn’s Irish Tavern is casual and fun for all personality types.

The first pub takeover took place in November 2021, that of the ‘The Yard‘. It was an iconic British pub situated along the River Valley Road. As one of the oldest in the scene, it had been operating for approximately 30 years.

The second soon followed, with The Queen’s Inglish Pub being added in December 2021.

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People can hang out with friends at Quinn’s or come to this place after work to unwind. Individuals craving refreshments can get soft and hard drinks or order quality food from the menu. Such places offer everything one can want and need to relax.

The colourful ambience, the casual furnishing, the decor, and the environment speaks volumes about how lively, friendly, free and easy the whole aura of the Quinn’s Irish Tavern is.

Why The Collaboration?

Why did the two businesses with different products and markets decide to collaborate? The answer is simple — One specializes in food, the other in beverages. These two go together like bread and butter.

It is an excellent idea for both of them to combine their specialties so that food lovers can enjoy quality in all aspects of their meals.

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Most of us already know that very few things please Singaporeans more than delicious and quality food. Quinn’s Irish Tavern is where comfort meets fun because people can be themselves while dining there.

How To Reach Quinn’s Irish Tavern?

The Covid pandemic adversely affected the food & beverage (F&B) industry, leading to several food chains closing down on operations and small ventures ceasing to exist. As we recover from its devastating effects, such valuable collaborations will be vital in attracting patrons back to their favourite restaurants.

And what better way to bring food fusion that takes something the native population loves, and add a touch of uniqueness?

If you want to check updates on Quinn’s Irish Tavern, you can always go to their Facebook and Instagram.

Quinn’s Irish Tavern Facebook:

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Quinn’s Irish Tavern Instagram:

Visit the Irish tavern at any of these addresses or just give them a call!

Quinn’s The Irish Tavern @ the River Valley Road Address:

294 River Valley Road, Singapore 238335

Telephone: +65 6235 9195

Quinn’s The Irish Tavern @ Millenia Walk Address:

9 raffles Boulevard 301-20 MIllenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Telephone: +65 6252 1868

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