EntertainmentCelebrityReese Witherspoon’s production company set to make Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Reese Witherspoon’s production company set to make Goldilocks and the Three Bears

After the success of Where the Crawdads Sing which earned $131 m worldwide, Reese Witherspoon is all set to develop a big-screen adaptation of the classic fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this adaptation will be the first feature film to come out of the animation department of Witherspoon and Sarah Harden’s production company Hello Sunshine.

They will be teaming up with Build-A-Bear Entertainment for the film. Harden said the plan is “for this collaboration to provide families with a new way to experience and share” the company’s mission.

Hello Sunshine focuses on women’s empowerment and puts them in the lead role when it comes to film making. The production company is part of Candle Media and home to Reese’s Book Club and RBC App.

Hello Sunshine’s head of kids and animation Claire Curley said that this is the first partnership between Hello Sunshine and Build-A-Bear, the global family-friendly branded toy and entertainment company.

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“Over the last 25 years, Build-A-Bear has created a trusted fan base rooted in family, personal connection, and storytelling with teddy bears making them the perfect partner for this project. We’re excited to collaborate with them to bring a new perspective to such a timeless tale that we know will inspire young audiences”

Build-A-Bear workshop president and CEO Sharon Price John said, “We are thrilled to partner with Hello Sunshine and Reese Witherspoon, who through her energy, experience and intuition has consistently proven her ability to bring talented people together and bring out the best in them.

“You could feel the magnetic creativity in the air from our early discussion about the concept and I believe the success of Hello Sunshine is proof-point of the potential of this project.”

The original 19th century fairy tale featured an old woman breaking into the house of the bachelor bears and not Goldilocks which has become the popular story we currently know and love.

The version we know has Goldilocks entering into the home of Papa bear, mama bear and baby bear eating their porridge, sitting on their chairs and sleeping in their beds.

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