LifestyleHow can you tell if your relationship is going to last?

How can you tell if your relationship is going to last?

When people break up, we often sit and think about what went wrong and tell ourselves the next time around we are going to do better and make it last. What are the signs though?

Here some Relationship tips

1.Looking at challenges as something to overcome together and sometimes even as opportunities

People always think that a relationship may be too challenging with too many obstacles and hurdles to overcome and want to give up half way especially when the going gets tough. One option is to assume that you won’t have to throw in the towel and tell yourself you’re in it for the long haul, be a supportive and loving partner and you may just be amazed that the other person with you might just respond in the same way too.

  1. Be secure and confident of yourself and what you have to offer

Don’t even think about being jealous or envious, be confident and know that the person you are with has chosen you for a reason and if ever they choose to leave it wasn’t meant to be. Don’t sweat the small stuff and worry about things that haven’t happened or be jealous of people in their life that you don’t need to be.

  1. Don’t be traditional

Not every thing has to go a certain way, be flexible with how things may turn out. When in the past you may have mapped out the future in a certain fixed way, do it differently this time and accept the differences you may have in the way you do things.

  1. Compromise is essential
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For a successful relationship compromise is important. If you only think about your needs or you only cater to your partners both spells dooms for the future.

  1. Have some space and retain your independence

While it’s good to do activities together it’s also important to have your own space and do your own thing. Don’t ever lose yourself and retain some independence.

  1. Be happy

The daily grind can take a toll on even the best of relationships. So find some way to fill up the time with fun and excitement. No relationship is all sunshine and happiness, just try and make sure there are more happy times then sad ones.

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