Benny Blanco,

Selena Gomez seems to have confirmed her relationship with producer Benny Blanco, a friend and collaborator of her ex, Justin Bieber. This revelation unfolded through a series of Instagram interactions where Gomez responded to posts discussing her alleged romance with Blanco. Initially commenting “facts” and liking posts about the rumored relationship, she later defended their bond in comments, expressing heartfelt sentiments about Blanco being incredibly important to her and addressing criticisms from fans.

Gomez’s comments included declarations that Blanco is her “absolute everything” and the “best thing that’s ever happened” to her. She passionately defended their relationship against naysayers, asserting that Blanco has treated her exceptionally well and dismissing negative opinions about her happiness. Furthermore, she urged critics to refrain from influencing her life choices.

Photo: Instagram/Selena Gomez

Benny Blanco

In a move that added fuel to the speculation, Gomez posted a picture snuggled up to someone resembling Benny Blanco on her Instagram Story. Despite the frenzy among fans following her vulnerable comments, she took a moment to express gratitude to her supporters.

Representatives for Gomez and Blanco were unavailable for immediate comment regarding their relationship or Gomez’s social media statements. The pair previously collaborated on a song in 2021 and have maintained a close friendship.

Fans are worried about Gomez

While some evidence, such as Gomez’s interactions and familial connections, suggests a blossoming romance, concerns have arisen among fans. Blanco had previously made comments seemingly criticizing manufactured pop stars, which some fans interpreted as shading Gomez, especially considering her cosmetics line. This has led to worries about whether Gomez is considering her well-being in this relationship.

Prior to her association with Blanco, Gomez was seen holding hands with Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers in January. She also had a relationship with The Weeknd from January to October 2017 and famously dated Justin Bieber on and off for eight years until their final split in March 2018, shortly before his marriage to Hailey Bieber. In the past, Blanco dated Elsie Hewitt.

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