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The role of Sarah Shahi in Sex Life, the series, has had quite an effect on her everyday life. In an interview with POPSUGAR, the actress said that people very often assumed she was very much like her very horny very bored character Billie in the Netflix series.

In fact she admitted to having to wear a disguise to pick her kids up from school because in reality “you don’t have time to get kids home for dinner or to play sex therapist to your kids parents.”

Sarah Shahi on Notoriety

“My kids elementary school, I became notorious over there. And I had to disguise myself for a bit because I am the poster child for unhappily married women. And so there was a lineup. I was like Dr Ruth at 7 year-old’s birthday parties, just giving out love and relationship advice.”

Shahi has three children with her ex-husband Steve Howey; William, 13 and twins, Violet and Knox, 8. Shahi has in fact been in a real-life relationship with her handsome Australian co-star Adam Demos since they started filming the show in 2020.

Sarah Shahi said in an interview with Motherly magazine that despite the notorious reputation, she is grateful for every beautiful encounter she has had with any fan who resonates with Billie’s character.

She said that although the show may be overtly sexual, at the end of the day it is a story about a woman who feels disconnected and who isn’t having her needs met which is something many people can relate to.

She also spoke about her relationship with Demos who plays Brad on the show. “If we’re together, they’ll hear his voice, and they’ll instantly go, ‘Oh, you’re from that show. You’re Brad. And I’m just standing right next to him, and they just…They’re like, ‘You must be so proud of him.’ I’m like ‘I am. I’m very proud.”’

The second season Sex Life has just arrived on Netflix and fans can expect it to be as sexy as the first with some interesting twists and turns.

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