NewsDonald Trump Gathers Strong Crowd At CPAC 

Donald Trump Gathers Strong Crowd At CPAC 

The former President, Donald Trump gathers a strong crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Regardless of his standing in the Republican party, it is clear that many conservatives are still strong Trump supporters. 

According to the Guardian, The previously lacklustre Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) transformed into a frenzy of cheers. The excitement heightened as Steve Bannon, currently facing a four-month prison sentence for contempt of Congress, confidently asserts that “Donald J. Trump” can secure both the Republican nomination and the US presidency in 2024.

However, there are reports that his support base is diminishing even though it appears to be strong. Furthermore, Fox News, Trump’s old trusty media friend appears to be distancing themselves from the former President. Now, Newsmax, the more conservative news network, is pumping him up. 

Donald Trump’s crowd at CPAC 

Trump claims that he will “obliterate” the “deep state” which appears to be the real enemy of America in his eyes. He further claims that America is not a free nation under Biden’s administration. The promise that the country will be free again appears to be his strategy this round. 

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Following that, the former President cites that he is leading Biden by a large margin. Now, Biden is not in a favourable position as the late response to East Palestine. To top that, the increase in numerous social issues is leading to more criticisms towards Biden. 

Netizens disagree with Trump’s remarks stating that even if he wins the Presidency, he will not topple down the “deep state.” Others are citing the “de-dollarisation” which implies de-centralised banking methods like cryptocurrency rising. Many are thinking that cryptocurrencies may detach the population from the central bank. 


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Trump supporters are citing that they lost faith in him. A Twitter user states that he voted for the former President twice and claims that the deep state is still strong. Currently, there are doubts that Trump will win the Presidency again despite the crowds that are cheering for him. 

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