LawSlingshot saves boy's sister from abduction

Slingshot saves boy’s sister from abduction

In Michigan, a 13-year-old boy in Alpena township rescued his younger sister from a potential kidnapper by using a slingshot.

The Slingshot Move

As per the Michigan state police, the incident occurred when the boy’s eight-year-old sister was searching for mushrooms in their backyard.

Suddenly, a 17-year-old boy came out from the woods, approached her from behind, forcefully grabbed her, covered her mouth, and put his arm around her waist.

Fortunately, the older brother witnessed the attempted abduction from his bedroom window and immediately sprang into action.

He aimed and struck the assailant with his slingshot, hitting him in the head and chest.

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Police officials acknowledged that the 13-year-old boy’s swift response likely saved his sister’s life and prevented serious harm from befalling her.

Lieutenant Grimshaw expressed his admiration, stating that the boy’s quick thinking was extraordinary and deserving of commendation.

Found and identified

After the incident, the perpetrator escaped from the scene; however, law enforcement conducted a thorough search of the vicinity and ultimately apprehended a 17-year-old male. The police reported that the individual exhibited clear indications of injuries that aligned with the effects expected from being hit by slingshot projectiles.

Lieutenant Grimshaw highlighted the helpfulness of the brother’s intervention in identifying the suspect.

Online, the boy’s actions garnered widespread praise, with individuals on Twitter celebrating his bravery and labeling him a “big brother for the win” while also suggesting that he deserves a medal.

Confessed and charged

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Reportedly, the suspect confessed to his intentions of inflicting severe harm upon the girl. He has been taken into custody and booked into the Alpena County jail, facing charges of attempted kidnapping, child enticement, attempted assault to cause significant bodily harm, and assault and battery.

The suspect’s bond has been set at $150,000 and is scheduled to appear in court on May 17.

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