LifemurderStartling confession unmasks murderer, triggers suicide

Startling confession unmasks murderer, triggers suicide

Jarid Haddock from Yakima County, suspected in the arbitrary murder of 3 people at a convenience store in Yakima, Washington, committed suicide Tuesday after he borrowed a stranger’s cell phone to call his mother to confess to the killings.

According to Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray, the three victims were found dead at a Circle K convenience store at approximately 3:30 a.m. PT.

Conversation overheard

Haddock went to a Target store in the city, where he borrowed a woman’s phone and called his mother.

The woman, according to Murray, overheard Haddock make several implicating declarations such as “I killed those people” and that he “was going to commit suicide.”

“I listened to that call — it’s pretty harrowing,” Murray said. “I have to really thank her again because she was very courageous in getting us there.”

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The woman was able to get her phone back and separated herself from Haddock before calling 911 to report his whereabouts, Murray said.

Following the 911 call, officers were able to locate Haddock who had shot and killed himself before officers arrived at the scene behind some warehouses, Murray said. Officers heard gunshots but there were no eyewitnesses, Murray added.


The suspected killer was pronounced dead by suicide at the scene after authorities attempted to provide medical care, Murray confirmed. Police found a large amount of ammunition and a weapon at the suspect’s location.

The investigation into the killings continues but no motive has been established yet.

Random or not?

There is no certainty whether the incidents were random or not.

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“I want to be really clear, I don’t think we know and we may never know,” Murray said.

Based on video footage from Circle K, there were no indications of any interaction between the suspect and the victims before the shooting began. As Haddock left Circle K, he went on to shoot another individual before driving away in his vehicle.

There were also no attempts by Haddock to conceal his identity during the shooting incident, Murray said.

The fatal shooting comes after the mass shooting in Half Moon Bay, California, on Monday and also follows Saturday’s deadly rampage at a popular ballroom in Monterey Park, California.

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