Daniels, Trump

Adult film star, author, media personality, and real estate ghostbuster Stormy Daniels, 44 gets a boost with the news of Trump’s indictment in a case involving a $130,000 hush payment she received in the waning days of his 2016 election campaign.

“Thank you to everyone for your support and love!” she posted on Twitter after news of the criminal charges broke. “#Teamstormy merch/autograph orders are pouring in.”

She is not shy about capitalizing on the attention around her connection to Trump. She points out he has done the same – but, in her view, has faced far less criticism.

“You take the opportunity,” Daniels said on a Wednesday Livestream on OnlyFans, an online subscription platform known for adult content, according to a report by the British newspaper The Independent. “Isn’t that what America is all about?”

Daniels on PornHub

Since declaring on March 18 that he would soon be jailed, Trump has raised more than $2 million for his legal defence, according to his campaign. Following his indictment, a Trump fundraising organisation issued an email to supporters requesting additional donations.

Searches for Daniels on the website Pornhub increased by 21,655% after he revealed his upcoming arrest, according to the site’s research and data division.

According to her social media accounts, Daniels, whose true name is Stephanie Clifford, is married to another adult film actor, and they have a young kid and a horse farm.

Her early years were ruined by poverty and sexual assault. We were just garbage growing up in Louisiana with a single mother. My clothes didn’t fit, and my mother was a train wreck.

Hush Money for Silence

Daniels has said she received the hush money in exchange for keeping silent about a sexual encounter she had with Trump in 2006. Trump has denied having the affair and initially disputed knowing anything about the payment.

It is unclear what charges he will face, and he has signaled he will continue his 2024 bid for the presidency as he fights the case.

In an interview with Britain’s Times newspaper on Friday, Daniels called the indictment “vindication” and referred to a vulgar comment Trump made in a 2005 recording in which he boasted about forcing himself on women.

“But it’s bittersweet,” she said. “He’s done so much worse that he should have been taken down before. I am fully aware of the insanity of it being a porn star. But it’s also poetic; this pussy grabbed back.”

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