Letsile Tebogo, a 20-year-old track star from Botswana, is preparing for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris after winning two medals at the World Championships the previous year. Tebogo, who is driven not only for his success but also for a revolutionary change in African athletics, remains calm under pressure.

With his attention fixed on the forthcoming Paris Games, which begin on July 26, he represents resolute perseverance and the prospect of a more promising sporting future for the continent.

Tebogo shared; “I don’t have any goals for the Olympics because I haven’t thought about what will happen,”  an article from BBC shares. and further shared “I need to sit down and see, and then set the goals. I will then announce my goals if I feel like it.”

Tebogo wants changes

Tebogo’s hesitation is due to the particular difficulty of representing a country that has won just two Olympic medals since 1980—none of which have been gold. In 2012, Nijel Amos won the men’s 800m silver medal, which was Botswana’s first medal ever. Tebogo bears the burden of history and is well aware of the country’s infrequent Olympic podium appearances, which inspires pressure as well as aspiration.

Nine years after the men’s 4x400m relay team of Isaac Makwala, Bayapo Ndori, Zibane Ngozi, and Baboloki Thebe turned in a brilliant performance to win bronze in the postponed 2020 Games in Tokyo, the focus is now on Tebogo.

As he enters the spotlight and follows in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessors, the weight of expectation on his shoulders is justified. Tebogo is the center of attention as he prepares to make an impact on the global scene.

Tebogo, a two-time world Under-20 100m champion, made an easy transition to the senior circuit, taking home silver in the 100m and bronze in the 200m at the World Championships in Hungary in August of last year.

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