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Tech gifts that elderly moms can use

Wondering what gifts you could give your mom on Mothers’ Day? Since you want your mom to have it easy on everything she does, you’re thinking of giving her a technological gizmo that she can actually use. Here are some suggestions that take into consideration her interests and needs.:

What Gifts For Your Mom?

Coffee-lover mom

Your mom can’t live without coffee, so give her a coffee shop-quality espresso in the comfort of her home with the Breville Barista Express espresso machine. With the carefully designed conical burr grinder that grinds beans on demand and a frother for perfectly delicious steamed milk, lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos, and espresso shots are just within reach.

Voracious-reader mom

A tablet or e-reader could be one of those gifts that allow your mom to easily read books, browse the internet, and stay connected with loved ones through video calls. Look for models with larger screens, simple user interfaces, and long battery life.

Makeup-lover mom

Your mom’s makeup brushes are probably still dirty from last use (and maybe the last few times). An electric brush cleaner will make it easy for her to remove the day’s makeup from the brushes in just minutes. In addition to a charging cable and user manual, it comes with a brush spinner, a brush cleaner dock, eight brush collars, and one break-resistant cleaning bowl.

Constant-needing-reminder mom

Smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home can be great for seniors who have difficulty using a touchscreen or keyboard. They can be used to set reminders, play music, and even make phone calls hands-free.

Fitness buff mom

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A fitness tracker can help your mom stay active and monitor her health. Many models include features like heart rate monitors, step counters, and reminders to move throughout the day.

Always-cleaning mom

A robot vacuum cleaner can make cleaning easier and more efficient for your mom. Look for models with easy-to-use controls and a self-charging base.

Sentimental mom

A digital photo frame can be a great way for your mom to display and enjoy family photos. Look for models with large screens and easy-to-use controls.

Bear in mind to opt for a gift that fits your mom’s interests and abilities. Talk to her about what she likes or needs before making a purchase.

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