LawClassified docs leaker Jack Teixeira demands to be treated like Trump

Classified docs leaker Jack Teixeira demands to be treated like Trump

Jack Teixeira, the Air National Guardsman accused of accessing classified information and publishing it online filed a new application with the court, asking the judge to treat him similarly to former President Donald Trump and not order him to stay in jail until trial.

Teixeira’s attorneys claim that federal prosecutors “made a reasoned decision not to seek pretrial detention in other espionage cases, including most recently for either former President Donald Trump or his aid, Waltine Nauta,” who were also charged under the Espionage Act.

jack’s defense lawyers said in a filing on Monday that he is entitled to pretrial release since he poses no significant flight risk.

“Before his arrest, Mr Teixeira believed that his apprehension was imminent. If Mr. Teixeira was inclined to flee from law enforcement and his country, he would have done so at that time. Instead, without any judicial restraints or obligations, Mr. Teixeira chose to stay at his mother’s house, reading, expecting law enforcement to arrest him,” defense attorneys wrote.

Trump’s treatment for Jack Teixeira?

The defense team for Jack also argued that he ought to be treated similarly to former president Trump, who was released on his recognizance after pleading not guilty to allegations of mishandling secret papers and hindering the effort to return them.

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“The Trump Organization and the former president Trump both own properties abroad and the former president Trump has access to a private jet. However, not even a request that either of them turn in their passports was made despite the flight risk created by their knowledge of national security secrets and their unusual capacity to run. The defense argued that the government’s justification for Mr. Teixeira’s pretrial incarceration based on knowledge he supposedly retains is illusory due to the government’s inconsistent approach to pretrial release in these situations.

In response to a six-count federal indictment, Jack Teixeira has entered a not-guilty plea. The matter will be heard in federal court in Boston next week.

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