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Former President Donald Trump’s rampant threats and relentless attacks on the New York courts have raised alarms, especially after a court staffer received a staggering 275 pages of single-spaced intimidations.

Speaking on MSNBC, former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance expressed her concern, emphasizing that the impact extends beyond the clerk to the entire courthouse staff.

Rampant threats disruptive to all

The temporary lifting of the gag order for the appeal seems to have only fueled Trump’s acceleration in attacks, prompting Vance to label it both “disruptive” for the courts and perilous for all employees.

For instance, Engoron’s legal assistant has been receiving an average of 20-30 calls daily on her personal mobile phone, along with 30-50 messages on various social media platforms and two personal email accounts.

Every day, the judge and the team encounter numerous harassing and threatening communications, including hundreds of phone calls, emails, and voicemail messages. As a result, security personnel continuously adjust security measures to safeguard the judge and those in close proximity to him.

MSNBC host Alicia Menendez concurred, noting that while the attacks target the clerk, they also undermine the justice system as a whole. Some analysts suggest that Trump’s aim may be to use the chaos to his advantage. Pollster and political analyst Fernand Amandi posited that Trump desires the gag order to present himself as a victim, rallying support from his base.

Creating turmoil

Insiders speculate that Trump seeks to create turmoil that the courts will respond harshly, providing him with ammunition to portray himself as victim of the system.

Whenever the courts take actions against him, he capitalizes on them for fundraising. A gag order,  offers more opportunities for strategic positioning.

The situation raises critical questions about the intersection of legal proceedings, political strategy, and the potential erosion of public trust in the justice system.

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