Top Gun:Maverick star Glen Powell is set to star in an upcoming action movie remake. The actor will star alongside Silence of the Lambs actor Anthony Hopkins in Locked, which is a remake of crime thriller 4×4.

The film is about a thief who breaks into a luxury SUV, only to realize that he’s stumbled into a complex and deadly trap set by a mysterious figure. The film will produced by Sam Raimi who also directed Evil Dead and Spider-Man.

Powell In Good Company

In an interview with Deadline, Raimi said that the film will be directed by David Yarovesky.

“The script was so good and he’s such a good communicator that we were able to interest Anthony Hopkins, who for my generation is just about the greatest actor ever. Glen’s character has got a soul to him that’s slowly revealed as the picture goes on.

“It seems as though he’s just a thief, someone that doesn’t care for others, but as the film unfolds, you realise he has a wife and a child that he loves and he’s wronged, and this whole experience gives him a chance to reflect back on how he’s treated them, and how he’s lived his life relative to them.”

Powell was most recently seen in Top Gun: Maverick with Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Val Kilmer, Jon Hamm and Miles Teller. Powell said that Cruise’s advise to him was to assimilate the role of being a douchebag fully.

“Sometimes you can fall into the trap of wanting to be liked on camera. And in a movie like this, where you know there’s going to be a lot of eyes on it, you don’t want to be Draco Malloy… But Tom gave me this advice: ‘For the ending to work, you have to completely lean into that’. Everybody else in the movie is questioning their own ability. You’re the only guy that’s not questioning it. So if there’s any sort of apology in anything you say, the movie doesn’t work.”

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