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Recently, a story that was published in the New York Times has been resurfaced again. It appears that airlines are struggling to fit into their diversity quota when it comes to pilots. Currently, the airline industry, specifically for pilots, is 81.7% White. 

The New York Times discussed how a Black woman managed to fight her way through to become a pilot. The article also mentioned how there is a lack of female minority pilots. As it is, there is a global shortage of pilots in general. 

Furthermore, over 91% of pilots in the United States are White. This resurfaced post has caused a lot of stir among netizens. Some are agreeing that the airline industry should diversify further. Some are more based towards individuals that would fit the job through qualifications regardless of their race. 

Airlines diversifying pilots 

Netizens appear to disagree with this move. Some are claiming that they’d rather drive than having airlines diversifying their pilots. One notion towards this sentiment possibly due to the general thought that diverse hirings would lean on the ethnicity or race of an individual rather than their qualifications alone. 

Others are mentioning that as long as the person is qualified for the role, they are okay with it. Being a pilot, there is a heavy burden weighing on an individual’s shoulder. It should be based on skills. Another netizen stated that even for surgeons. They do not care about the race or gender of their doctor, as long as they’re well equipped.


There are those that are defending airlines hiring minorities as pilots. This netizen stated that there is nothing wrong with having Black women flying aeroplanes. The response is from another Twitter user claiming that they do not have the proper average scores when it comes to piloting. 

Sharing information without a factual basis is misleading, especially when it comes to a person’s race and gender as they do not determine their ability to perform a job. Despite being underrepresented, there are talented Black female pilots who excel in their field, making up only 1% of the profession. Their success is a testament to their skills and dedication.

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