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Gombak voters sue Azmin Ali over ‘Sheraton Move’ role, for allegedly deceiving them for GE14 votes

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec. 1 -- A total of 10 Gombak voters have come together to file a lawsuit against their MP Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali over his alleged role in the "Sheraton Move" plan which caused the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government to collapse...

Annuar Musa admits DAP dominates urban seats, MCA and MIC are BN’s weakest links

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov. 27 -- Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa said that the coalition's weakest links are its two Chinese and Indian race based parties and foresee them having a tough time in the next general election. He also disclosed that seat...

Stateless teen born here and adopted by Malaysians wins chance to take citizenship bid to Federal Court

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov. 25 -- A stateless Malaysia-born boy who has been legally adopted by a Malaysian couple in Penang will now get another attempt in court to seek to be recognised as a Malaysian citizen. The teenage boy - identified only as C to...

Donald Trump and the Rule of Law

By William Cooper Donald Trump has spent his adult life chasing real estate deals, younger women and television cameras. He has not been sitting in a law library pondering the nuances of America's constitutional order. When it comes to the rule of law, he simply does not know the rules. Take his assertion that his...

Detained citizen journalist in China faces jail for reporting on Covid-19 pandemic in Wuhan

India, Nov. 19 -- A Chinese citizen journalist who reported on the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan could face five years in jail after being formally charged with spreading false information. Zhang Zhan, a 37-year-old former lawyer, was detained in May while covering stories on the...

Kit Siang: Najib’s appointment as BN backbenchers’ chairman is red flag of kleptocracy’s return

Kuala Lampur -- Lim Kit Siang said that he fears the appointment of Najib - who was convicted of corruption earlier this year in relation to the 1MDB scandal - will also affect Malaysia's rating in the coming Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index...

What is WHO’s Vaccine Insurance Scheme? All you need to know

India, Oct. 30 -- The World Health Organisation is setting up a fund which will compensate people in poor nations in case they suffer any side-effect from Covid-19 vaccines, which are still under trial. Does this mean that such a possibility can't be ruled...

Well… the voters are to blame

Kuala Lampur -  A deputy minister blames voters for the current political debacle and agitates urban Malaysia. A barrage of social media comments and commentaries ensue. One dude in a WhatsApp group full of professionals declares "time to vote out such politicians." As if he just...

Trump and Biden to do battle in final debate

by Eric BARADAT, with Jerome CARTILLIER in Washington President Donald Trump squares off against Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Thursday in what promises to be a bruising final debate with less than two weeks left in their turbulent fight for the White House. The pair’s last...

Trump’s trade war does little good for US industry

by Delphine TOUITOU When President Donald Trump visited a Whirlpool factory in Ohio in August, he boasted that his trade policy had led to the creation of about 200 jobs for the appliance manufacturer at the plant. But in slapping tariffs on appliances and components imported...