AsiaTransforming the Hiring Landscape for SMEs in Singapore

Transforming the Hiring Landscape for SMEs in Singapore

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Singapore’s economy, making up nearly 99% of registered businesses and employing around 70% of the nation’s workforce. However, despite their essential role, SMEs often face challenges when competing with more giant corporations for top talent. Saindex, a pioneering firm, is changing its hiring landscape by introducing practical intelligence and people analytics to identify the ideal candidates.

SMEs often find it challenging to attract the best talents, as many job seekers are naturally drawn to the prestige and resources of multinational corporations. This phenomenon, known as the “SME Dilemma,” has long hindered the growth potential of smaller businesses, forcing them to seek innovative solutions.

Saindex aims to revolutionize the hiring process with its ground breaking approach, leveraging data from a vast database of over 65,000 analyses. Developed based on research conducted at Sweden’s national defense research institute, Saindex’s tool assesses respondents’ state of mind, readiness for work, and suitability across various industries, providing invaluable insights for better hiring decisions.

Two flagship programs offered by Saindex are GroupFlow and StreetSmart Hiring, both built on the foundation of people analytics.

GroupFlow – Unleashing Team Synergy and Performance

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GroupFlow empowers small and medium-sized businesses to gain a competitive edge over larger corporations. By providing decision-makers with crucial insights into what drives team “flow,” GroupFlow enables companies to make informed decisions about expansion, retention, promotions, succession planning, and employee well-being.

With comprehensive assessments covering well-being, environment, personal development, and vision buy-in, GroupFlow identifies potential obstacles within teams, such as disengagement or burnout. With these insights, SMEs can create a harmonious and productive work environment, standing out in their respective industries.

By fostering increased motivation, purposeful communication, and a balanced atmosphere, GroupFlow drives innovation, productivity, and profitability. Investing in employee well-being and team dynamics yields a promising return on investment for SMEs, fostering growth and development.

StreetSmart Hiring – Decoding the Perfect Match

Recruitment can be a daunting and expensive process for businesses, with the cost of hiring often reaching three to four times an employee’s salary. A wrong hire can be even more costly, leading to additional expenses and wasted resources.

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Saindex’s StreetSmart Hiring introduces a unique talent identification tool incorporating Contextual Intelligence (CI). By focusing on “Practical Intelligence,” Saindex assesses each candidate’s readiness and overall outlook, helping companies avoid hiring mismatches.

The reverse pitch function in StreetSmart Hiring allows companies to present themselves to candidates, who are evaluated based on Practical Intelligence Benchmarks. Through open-ended questionnaires, Saindex gains valuable insights into candidates’ personal lives, work experiences, and plans, providing SMEs with the information they need to make confident and well-informed hiring decisions.

Moreover, Saindex’s commitment to customization for the Asian market makes it particularly relevant. GroupFlow and StreetSmart Hiring programs offer multi-language support and open-expression methods, ensuring accurate responses from all employees.

Saindex brings a fresh perspective and a neutral solution to the SME Dilemma. By leveraging practical intelligence and people analytics through GroupFlow and StreetSmart Hiring, SMEs can unlock their true potential, create an engaged and talented workforce, and propel themselves toward sustained growth and success in today’s competitive business landscape.

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