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Donald Trump is positioned to secure another Republican nomination, with Nikki Haley as his primary challenger. Though Nikki was crushed in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, she is not giving up the fight. Trump winning the nomination will make a remake of the 2020 elections possible. Unless something happens to President Joe Biden, who can’t stop falling off stages and airlines.

Despite facing numerous legal challenges and controversies, including felony charges, a civil case for sexual abuse, and ongoing trials, Trump’s popularity among Republicans remains high.

He has also crushed criticism for his actions, such as inciting violence at the U.S. Capitol, and he continues to gain support in the Republican party. Recent polls show that 63% of Republicans nationwide support him, and he is polling better against President Biden compared to the previous election.

The Republican Party

Trump’s dominance among the GOP’s base voters fueled his victory in the New Hampshire primary, according to NBC News exit poll results, but former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley managed to win independent, or “undeclared,” voters.

In New Hampshire, Haley garnered 43.2%, or 140,096 votes and gained 9 delegates. Trump won 54.3% or 176,004 votes and gained 12 delegates. This result is even better than Iowa for Trump where he won 51% or 56,260 votes and gained 20 delegates, Haley won only 19.1%, or 21,085 votes and 8 delegates.

The fall of Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy has revived Haley’s chances, in some way. But Trump’s wide margins among self-identified Republican and conservative voters were too vast to overcome for Haley.

The Iowa and New Hampshire primary underscore how Trump’s ardent supporters have taken over the Republican base. And there is only Haley on his path to total control of the party.

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