Donald Trump-DeSantis are now officially in the race to win the Republican Party’s nomination.

The decision of Ron DeSantis to join the 2024 White House race against former President Donald Trump establishes a confrontation between the Republican Party’s two prominent figures.

As the Florida governor endeavors to overthrow a man who exerts immense influence over the GOP during the past seven years, a clash is set to unfold, and with so much intensity.

“The campaign is about to get a lot more intense. He can’t just lay low in Tallahassee signing bills,” said GOP tactician Alex Conant of the Governor’s approach. “Now he has to hit the campaign trail, take media questions and punch back at his opponents.”

Trump-DeSantis in The Race

With his official entry into the race, DeSantis’ well-funded super PAC is ready to escalate its attacks against the former president. The strategy of his team revolves around highlighting policy differences between the two Republicans, aiming to demonstrate that Trump has shifted towards the left on certain issues, notably abortion.

In the meantime, Trump has dedicated months to relentlessly criticizing DeSantis, going as far as giving him the nickname “Ron DeSanctimonious” and subjecting him to a daily bombardment of ridicule through his Truth Social app and advertisements. The Trump-DeSantis race looks exciting though.

On the other hand, Trump undermines DeSantis’ achievements as the governor of Florida by claiming that the state was prosperous long before DeSantis took office. He also pointed out crime rates in some of Florida’s major cities and criticized DeSantis’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which played a significant role in elevating DeSantis as a conservative figure.

Dan Eberhart, a Republican donor who previously donated millions to Trump but now supports DeSantis, argued that Trump’s persistent attacks indicate that the former president views DeSantis as a genuine threat.

In an email, Eberhart stated, “Trump’s fixation with DeSantis is proof that the Florida governor is a serious contender. The former president spent more money attacking Gov. DeSantis before he even entered the race than he did supporting Republicans in the last election cycle. Trump’s biggest fear has just become a reality.”

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