Business & EconomyIs it the right time for Trump to resurface on X?

Is it the right time for Trump to resurface on X?

After a silence spanning over three years, Donald Trump has made a striking return to the social media realm of Twitter, now dubbed X. His re-entry comes with the publication of a booking photo, a poignant reminder of his arrest in connection to the contentious 2020 election allegations in Georgia.

Trump on X

Thursday saw the once-commander-in-chief, ensnared in legal turmoil, upload an image of his Fulton County booking, a vivid snapshot of the hours that followed his arrest and subsequent release in the Georgia election case.

With Twitter having evolved into a vibrant political nexus, particularly among conservatives, under the stewardship of the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, Trump has successfully reclaimed his favored megaphone. The symbiotic relationship between the social media giant X and Trump, exacerbated by his legal predicaments, is once again in the spotlight.

David Karpf, a respected scholar at George Washington University specializing in media and public affairs, anticipates that Trump’s resurgence on X will furnish him with a potent platform not only to influence American politics but also to catalyze his reentry into the political arena, potentially for a shot at the Republican primary.

“Trump being back on Twitter is going to give him a megaphone both for running again in the Republican primary but also to try to impact American politics and make it all about him again,” Karpf observed, underscoring the seismic ramifications of Trump’s reappearance.

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Musk’s decision to reinstate Trump’s account, complete with its iconic blue verification checkmark and an expansive following of 87 million, followed Trump’s proclamation of his 2024 presidential ambitions in November.

However, it was not until after his recent arrest that Trump resumed his Twitter activity, hinting at the meticulous timing of his return.

Karpf wagers that Trump’s distinctive communication style, honed through years of engagement with New York City tabloids and his prominent role on NBC’s “The Apprentice,” will seamlessly slot back into the digital discourse.

Despite previous instances of propagating misinformation online, Trump continues to unfoundedly assert the theft of the 2020 election.

Karpf acknowledged, “That reality show, rambunctious style translates quite well to social media,” further highlighting Trump’s innate ability to seize and sustain the spotlight.

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As X grapples to maintain user engagement, the restoration of Trump, an outsized personality capable of generating substantial interaction, aligns well with Musk’s financial objectives.

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