The rampant rise of media platforms, particularly social media, has dramatically impacted how modern-day brands look to reach their audience. From extensive social media campaigns to influencer marketing, brands constantly target consumers with advertisements across different mediums, channels, and applications.

With the average person encountering about 6,000 ads per day – consumers have become weary of the digital noise. As businesses look to gain consumer trust, it is essential to be innovative with your marketing campaigns.

This is where tryvertising comes in.

What Is Tryvertising?

As the name suggests, tryvertising is a marketing model that offers the customer to ‘try’ the offering before buying it. Many products and services do not come with a guarantee, and the lack of exposure or enough social proof can prevent customers from making a purchase.

Tryvertising removes hesitation from the equation by allowing customers free product samples. Careful placement of the products in the public eye encourages interested prospects to use the free sample.

This offers customers a chance to evaluate the product and make a purchase, building trust with the business and garnering social proof that further attracts more customers.

How Does It Work?

Innovative marketing companies across Singapore, such as TryLeh, offer businesses an effective product placement strategy to help with their tryvertising promotions.

Evolving beyond the simplistic free-sampling method, tryvertising consists of an omnichannel strategy that makes the entire process stress-free for the consumer. And not just physical products, tryvertising kiosks can offer e-vouchers that customers can redeem by visiting the store.

With a no-typing sample redemption process, users can simply select the samples they want to try on the marketing vendor’s website.

Here is the entire process in three simple steps:

  1. Register user account
  2. Select the sample you want to try. This will automatically send you the sample’s QR code on your WhatsApp
  3. Scan the code at the mall kiosk and enjoy the product!

With every consumer allowed to leverage one product per campaign and a maximum of 2 samples a week, it minimizes any risk of fraud or excessive abuse of the campaign.

What’s In It For Your Business?

It can be difficult to measure marketing ROI from different channels. Instead, tryvertising allows companies to gauge public response directly. Here is why how your business can benefit from it:

Gather Direct Feedback

Whether you’re launching a new product or venturing into a new niche, customer feedback is crucial to making adjustments that can lead to a successful product. Tryvertising reaches the end customer directly, allowing for authentic feedback.

Evoke Trust & Goodwill

A Nielsen study shows 92% of customers trust recommendations from friends and family above any other advertisement. Tryvertising hands the product to the consumer, evoking trust and leading to more trustworthy reviews.

Enhances Product Visibility

Innovative marketing companies, such as TryLeh, place sample vending kiosks in high-footfall locations. This encourages more users to try the product, increasing brand awareness.

Key Takeaway

Tryvertising offers a fresh approach to marketing, handing your product’s success into the consumer’s hands. Businesses in Singapore can leverage this opportunity to gather direct feedback and create positive mouth-of-word advertising.

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