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In a report, the Eurasia Group, a prominent political risk firm, highlighted the spine-chilling impact of U.S. political dysfunction and the looming threat of violence in America on a global scale.

The “Top Risks 2024” report asserts that with one-third of the global population heading to the polls this year, the unprecedented dysfunction in the U.S. election is set to significantly shape the fate of 8 billion people.

The report underscores critical challenges to fundamental political institutions, including free and fair elections, the peaceful transfer of power, and the checks and balances inherent in the separation of powers.

U.S. political dysfunction

The report starkly predicts that the U.S. will be engaged in a war against itself, labeling political polarization and social disarray as the most significant global risk. The upcoming presidential election is anticipated to further deepen political divisions, testing American democracy to an extent not seen in 150 years and eroding U.S. credibility on the global stage.

In unequivocal terms, the report contends that both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are deemed “uniquely unfit for office.” Trump’s candidacy is viewed as jolting the international system, and a potential second Trump presidency is warned to inflict severe damage on U.S. democracy.

The United States, already marked as the world’s most divided and dysfunctional advanced industrial democracy, is expected to face exacerbated challenges post-2024 election, regardless of the winner. The report paints a grim picture, foreseeing continued harm to America’s social fabric, political institutions, and global standing.

The report concludes that business leaders will find themselves in a lose-lose environment, forced to navigate conflicting laws and court rulings, leading to higher policy uncertainty and regulatory risk.

As the world watches, the 2024 U.S. election is poised to leave an indelible mark, shaping the trajectory of global stability and security.

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