Ilhan Omar

The position of a congresswoman is not an easily obtainable slot. However, it seems that Ilhan Omar is openly saying that she will do whatever it is best for her country, which is not America. However, it seems that her entire speech is mistranslated according to multiple news outlets. 

According to Al Jazeera, a translation error sparks a Republican controversy over Ilhan Omar’s alleged prioritization of foreign interests, leading to a censure resolution by Marjorie Taylor Greene. The mistranslated quote suggested Omar favored Somali influence on US policy, but two independent translations debunked the claim. 

Greene’s resolution comes after House Majority Whip Tom Emmer’s ethics investigation demand and Ron DeSantis calling for Omar’s deportation. Omar dismisses the attacks as Republicans weaponizing her ethnicity and religion, citing xenophobia and Islamophobia. Critics view this as the GOP targeting the progressive “Squad,”

Conservatives react to Ilhan Omar’s speech 


It seems that many are not believing that the speech was mistranslated and are calling for her deportation. Furthermore, Americans are proud of their nation, and they would want someone who is proud to be an American to lead their country. 


Others state that at the end of the day, Americans still voted for her. Despite what conservatives think, she will still win in the Democrat constituencies. Many believe that she will be voted in her district again. 

Another user states that their ancestors came from all over Europe. However, they do not speak in a foreign language while talking about these countries. Regardless, many are upset that the speech is made in Somali, which yes, would give room for mistranslation, but as a US representative, conservatives feel that she could have made the speech in English. 

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