LifestyleUnforgettable Valentine's Day gift ideas to surprise your partner

Unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift ideas to surprise your partner

Did you know that 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged globally every year but what are your gift ideas for this year? The volume of cards flying around for the day makes Valentine’s Day the second biggest holiday for exchanging greeting cards, after Christmas.

The average Valentine’s Day spending amounts to a whopping $13,290,000,000 every year and there are 198,000,000 roses produced annually just for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day then is big business for card enterprise owners, flower entrepreneurs, chocolate manufacturers, and restaurant proprietors, don’t you think?

Naturally, we don’t look at Valentine’s Day as a business opportunity. For many of us, Valentine’s Day is the day of love and the day of hearts and lovers.

Some Gift Ideas

So how do we show our partner that we remember him/her on Valentine’s Day? Roses and chocolates? While these two are the most popular gifts during this time of year, they have become old-hat and “too expected” that they can sometimes kill the excitement of the occasion. There must be other ways to show our partner that he/she is being thought of.

Here are gift ideas to impress and sweep your partner on Valentine’s Day:

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Take her/him to a ‘” free-fall” diving lesson – this will definitely provide your partner with a once-in-a-lifetime Valentine’s Day gift, a moving experience he/she will never forget. With this experience, your partner will always think of you as someone who can bring thrill and excitement in her /his life, someone who can send shivers down her /his spine, and a friend who can make her/him think that there are no limits to what he/she can do.

Home massage – a massage can always soothe stressed-out nerves and always has a calming effect on a high-strung psyche resulting from too much work. With the expert kneading of a skillful masseuse, your partner will forever be grateful to you for this wonderfully relaxing experience that is cost-effective and without too much hassle.

Delivered baked goodies – does your partner have a sweet tooth? Or perhaps she loves to bask in zest on mouth-watering pastries? If these are her weakness, then order savory cookies and toothsome cakes and have these delivered to her home. You can be sure, she will scream with delight and will have the best outcry of the century.

Book a babysitter – you want your partner to feel that her/his peace of mind is important to you and that the welfare of his/her kid is your priority, right? So, on Valentine’s Day, book a babysitter for her/him so that he/she can go out with you, and celebrate the day of hearts without worrying about the kids back home.

More Ideas

Here are some additional gift ideas for you:

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Personalized diary – on Valentine’s Day, surprise your partner with a personalized diary with his/her name printed on it. You are telling your partner that this is the cutest way to get organized. Whether this diary is assigned a special name or there is a chosen inspiring quote on every page, it will give this journal a distinctive identity that your partner will surely love.

Engraved pen – personalized pens are a classic gift for your very professional partner. With this gift, you are telling him/her that you just don’t think of him/her as someone important, you also think of her/him as a proficient individual who values work and is dedicated to succeeding in his/her professional life.

Air plant – a creative and not “too expected” gift on Valentine’s Day, this low-maintenance plant is just the perfect little companion for your partner whether she/he is at home or work. This plant requires very little upkeep and is definitely a pleasant green addition and a dainty ornament to lighten up any setting irrespective of whether it’s valentine’s day or not.

All these are fantastic to have on Valentine’s Day. So, what are you waiting for? You have a few days to go. Get moving now!

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