A cadre of very wealthy individuals on Wall Street is gearing up to host a star-studded fundraiser for presidential hopeful Nikki Haley scheduled for January 30.

The guest list reads like a who’s who of financial titans such as Stanley Druckenmiller, Henry Kravis, Ken Langone, and Cliff Asness at the helm of the fundraising efforts.

Haley’s financial prowess was already evident when her campaign announced an impressive $24 million fundraising. The surge was fueled by a staggering 83,900 new donors between October and December.

‘Who’s Who’ of Wall Street

By the close of 2023, Haley boasted a war chest of $14.3 million, underscoring her formidable standing in the presidential race.

The endorsement from the political arm of the conservative network led by billionaire Charles Koch was a game-changer for Haley.

Last year, it marked the first time the influential group threw its weight behind a Republican candidate in the fiercely contested GOP primary.

As the only remaining GOP contender against the backdrop of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s recent withdrawal from the race, Haley is fervently eyeing an upset in the upcoming New Hampshire primary.

“Fireball from Heaven”

On Sunday, Nikki Haley secured an endorsement from New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper, just under 48 hours before the state’s primary.

The Union Leader‘s op-ed, published on Sunday, encourages voters to choose Nikki Haley as their next president. The editorial emphasizes a desire for change in New Hampshire, the United States, and the world, stating that Nikki Haley represents a better alternative than the past eight years.

In the op-ed, the two most recent presidents are metaphorically referred to as “dinosaurs” who, without directly naming them, are portrayed as having had their opportunity and are now destined for extinction.

The editorial contends that Nikki Haley is the metaphorical “fireball from the heavens” poised to replace the outdated political landscape represented by the previous administrations.

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