Entertainment Wang Leehom marriage breakup with Lee Jinglei: “Do not disturb our family”

Wang Leehom marriage breakup with Lee Jinglei: “Do not disturb our family”

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It has been eight years since Wang Leehom and his wife, Lee Jinglei tied the knot in 2013, but now announced they were divorcing.

Due to the couple’s public absence for two years, speculation regarding the couple’s divorce has been circulating since June. During a Facebook post on Wednesday (Dec 15) afternoon, Wang revealed that he and Lee had filed for divorce.

“Jinglei and I live very simple private lives, so we will not be responding to any media enquiries. I’ve had too many shortcomings during my marriage these past few years, and I feel very regretful.”

“Now, we have different ideas and plans for the future, so we have decided to live separate lives. Although we have already submitted the application, we will always be a family. We request privacy and space from the outside world, do not disturb our family. Thank you for your concern.”

This isn’t the first time the two have been the subject of rumours about their relationship.

The couple’s Instagram’s stopped featuring each other in June, which sparked speculation. Rumours of a breakup first surfaced in June, although neither party confirmed nor denied it. Eventually, things calmed down.

However, according to sources quoted by Mirror Media, Wang and Lee were considering divorcing in 2017. As it turned out, though, Lee got pregnant and gave birth to their third child in August 2018.

 With little fanfare, Wang announced his marriage to Lee, a non-celebrity and ten years younger than him, in November 2013. The couple has three kids. /TISG

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