International Wang Leehom’s ex-wife posts another letter saying he tried to buy her...

Wang Leehom’s ex-wife posts another letter saying he tried to buy her silence, demands public apology for defamation

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Following the divorce of Mandopop singer Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei, discoveries on their eight-year marriage, including alleged adultery, bribery and marital strife, are circulating online.

Wang and Lee announced their divorce through a Facebook post on Dec 15, with Wang highlighting he had “too many shortcomings” in the marriage the past few years.

“Now, we have different ideas and plans for the future, so we have decided to live separate lives. Although we have already submitted the application, we will always be a family. We request privacy and space from the outside world, do not disturb our family. Thank you for your concern,” said Wang.

However, Lee took to social media on Dec 17 and released a multi-page letter detailing Wang’s numerous infidelities during their marriage.

A few sections of the letter, as translated by Taiwan News, can be found below:

“When I married, I thought we would be family for life, so I wholeheartedly put everything I had into our family. As you are 10 years older than me and wanted many children, I was constantly being pushed to bear more children, so I gave up my job and my personal life and made you and our children the centre of my life.”

Lee was allegedly asked to sign an “unequal prenuptial agreement.”

“Having been married to you for so many years, subject to constant suspicion by you and your family … humiliation and cold violence. In the beginning, I was forced to sign an unequal prenuptial agreement, as you wanted to protect your property before marriage.”

She highlighted Wang’s “inability to make any decision.”

“At 37, you are still unable to make any decision; you feel defeated, helpless, unable to do what you want to do, unable to take control of your job, relationship, or finances. You came to vent to me and ask for help, I offered a helping hand. I thought simply I was saving my love from torment, but in retrospect, I realised that after all, I’m just a chess piece in your hand. You used my empathy and love for you and made me your shield. You hid behind me, using me to get back the power you want bit by bit, and in the process, you’re the angel, and I’m the devil.”

Lee also touched on Wang’s sleeping with other women casually.

Your past of sleeping together casually made me uncomfortable because after we married, the girl still charmed and lured you in all kinds of ways, to which you responded warmly. If there was nothing to hide, there really wasn’t any need to lie to her husband. I said I felt uncomfortable, normal social contact I could accept, but if she was invited to our house, I would feel uncomfortable, could we not do that?

Later, I found you kept a record of features of the prostitutes you hired, some of which resembled a few staff members that are around us. How much more humiliated could I be?

Following the expose, Wang quickly lost his contracts with car and jewellery brands like Infiniti China and Chow Tai Seng.

Wang’s father releases letter

Although Wang has kept his silence, his father reportedly contacted Taiwanese media with a letter claiming that Lee had forced Wang into marriage after getting pregnant and threatened to release a tell-all to the media.

According to Wang’s father, his son endured seven years of suffering; the last two years “were hell.” He said Lee had received hundreds of millions of Taiwanese dollars on top of their domestic helpers, dedicated driver and nanny for the children.

Lee’s letter was carefully deliberated over two years and not written on the spur of the moment, said Wang’s father, as reported by Channel News Asia.

Lee uploads another letter

On Sunday (Dec 19), Lee uploaded another letter on her Instagram account, saying she felt sad that Wang’s 80-year-old father had to lie to defend his son.

Lee accused Wang of orchestrating the whole thing yet hiding behind his father.

She wrote: “No matter how much dirty water you splash on me, your own clothes won’t get cleaner. I was very reserved in my sharing because you’re still the children’s father, after all. I’m very disappointed that what today brought was not your apology, but you are trying to protect yourself again, using friends and relatives to distort the truth and bring me down.”

Lee also revealed that Wang tried to bribe her to remain silent after she had shared her first letter.

“Yesterday afternoon, I received a message about you trying to bribe me. You said that if I apologised publicly, saying I wrote what I did because I wasn’t of sound mind, you would give me the house I’m now living in with the kids. I told you I was very disappointed that after all these years you still haven’t realised that I’m not the kind of person who can be bought with money,” said Lee.

Lee also took the time to respond to the points made by Wang’s father in his letter.

At the end of her post, Lee gave Wang an ultimatum and asked him to make a public apology by 3 pm on Sunday. If he fails to do so, she will take legal action against him and his father to protect herself from defamation.

As of writing, Wang hasn’t released a public apology. /TISG

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