AsiaToo much water killed Bruce Lee

Too much water killed Bruce Lee

The year 1973 marked the unexpected end of martial arts legend Bruce Lee. He died at the young age of 32. After his sudden demise, debates and a succession of stories and conspiracy theories emerged. After several decades though, the biggest question remains – what killed Bruce Lee? Funny, but it seems drinking too much water did the job.

The water theory

Today, doctors believe he may have died from drinking too much water. New evidence reviews showed that the martial arts legend died due to hyponatremia.

A lineup of specialists wrote in the Clinical Kidney Journal: “In other words, we propose that the kidney’s inability to excrete excess water killed Bruce Lee.”

Experts said that Bruce had several risk factors for hyponatraemia – he was drinking high quantities of liquid, consumed cannabis – which increases thirst – and other factors which reduce the functioning of the kidneys, such as taking prescription drugs and alcohol.

Though hypothetical and still needs to be confirmed, this proposed cause of death signifies a mocking setback to a man who helped promote Eastern philosophy with the iconic slogan “be water, my friend.”

What is Hyponatremia Bruce lee?

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This takes place when fluid intake surpasses the kidneys’ capacity to filter water out of the blood. Usually, it happens when a person drinks an enormous amount within a very short space of time. While there’s no evidence yet to imply that Lee actually did that, experts said that he may have had “multiple risk factors for hyponatraemia” and could have developed the condition “from drinking a much lower water load.”

Biographer Matthew Polly, author of “Bruce Lee, A Life” published in 2018, talked of Lee’s repeated water intake on the evening of his death.

Bruce died just a few weeks before the release of Enter the Dragon, the first big Kung fu film ever produced by Westerners.

As ancient wisdom would have it, “too much of everything can kill.” In the case of Bruce Lee, it’s drinking too much of the liquid.

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