LifestylePractising yoga with a cat around ain't easy, cute pet video shows...

Practising yoga with a cat around ain’t easy, cute pet video shows why. Watch

India, Sept. 25 — If you are someone who has pets or happens to know how much attention they like to have to themselves, this video might not come as a surprise to you.

But if you are someone who isn’t aware of the kind of attention that these cute little balls of fur command from their humans, then this video will be absolutely amusing and hilarious to you.

Frankly speaking, this video is going to be an adorable watch, no matter what. It opens to show how a woman can be seen practising yoga as part of her daily routine. But this is not all, as there is a cat who is involved in the process.

The video has been shared on the Instagram page of the woman who can be seen in this video and her name is Jessica.

She has over 72,500 dedicated followers on her page and this particular video is about her adorable little cat who can be seen interrupting her yoga session in the cutest way ever. “Practicing yoga when you have a cat,” reads the caption that has been shared along with this cat video.

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Watch it below:

Shared on September 13, this video has received almost 2,500 likes on it as of now.

“This is called cat yoga,” commented an Instagram user. “So lucky you are, you have such a cat,” posted another individual. “Our cat does the same,” narrated a third.

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