The younger generation in America are currently facing a problem where they’re unable to get a job. This is probably due to the country’s slower economy which could be attributed to Bidenomics. Furthermore, it seems that TikTokers are complaining about this issue on social media. 

Business Insider states, young adults on TikTok, representing Gen Z and millennials, are venting their job market frustrations, highlighting the challenge of securing well-paying corporate positions in the US during 2023. 

Alison Johnson, a fitness influencer, criticized America in a viral TikTok video, bemoaning her $80,000 debt from a business marketing degree while earning more serving sushi. She criticized the demand for experience despite holding a degree as her sole qualification. Other TikTokers echo her sentiment. 

Anna Mae Wood, with a decade of diverse experience, shared her struggle to secure a job aligning with her value in an economy where $18 an hour falls short. Natasha, an HR professional, lamented the scarcity of job opportunities amid a recession and inflation, citing AI and ghost job postings. 

X users discuss the current problems with jobs and the economy

Ironically, the opposite is happening for the elderly. Apparently, their retirement age is being pushed back further and further. Just a few decades ago, it would be common to see individuals retiring in their mid 50s. But now, the trend shows that people will start retiring at around 70-years-old. 

Unfortunately for the TikTokers, all age groups are feeling the brunt of the hard times we are facing right now. The average American is currently facing higher bill payments and a lack of job openings are one of the few reasons. Some users feel that this is merely stagflation but that too could be dangerous if it’s left unchecked. 

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