Immigration illegal

The controversial topic about building walls in the southern part of the United States in order to control the amount of illegals coming into the country has been around since the Trump administration. Furthermore, X users speculate that it would’ve been much cheaper for the American people to simply just build the wall. 

According to the Daily Mail in November, taxpayers bear nearly half a trillion dollars yearly due to unchecked migration, per House Republicans. The report cites expenses, totaling up to $451 billion, covering education, healthcare, and law enforcement, attributing these costs to millions of incoming migrants. 

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faces impeachment, accused of failing to curb the surge at the US-Mexico border. Republican claims link this migration wave to immense financial burdens on the government and citizens. 

Following that, House Republicans, led by Mark Green, criticise Mayorkas’s policies for fostering illegal migration, accentuating financial strain on federal and state resources. The debate escalates amidst growing concerns about border security and the impact of migration on taxpayers.

Accommodating illegals costing taxpayers $451 billion 

Conservative users are showing the difference between legal immigration and illegal migrants. The difference is one is screened through with the correct documents passing their nationality tests with flying colours. However, the other seems like an invasion of a country. 

Furthermore, X users are disputing with each other with regards to the reasons why these migrants are flooding the American border. One states that this is to have a new group of people not questioning what the government is doing. The other claims that the capitalist nature of the country requires more workers that are able to do it on the cheap. 

In addition to this, X users speculate that per taxpayer, it would cost around $91 to build the wall. However, to accommodate illegal migrants, it’s costing them over $2,000. The latter is rather quite a large sum for Americans to pay, especially during an inflation crisis.   

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