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There are several bold claims that are against White people in our woke world today. Unfortunately, discriminatory comments that are made towards White people are the norm. However, when the same is said for people of other racial groups, they would most definitely be cancelled. 

Time Magazine states, during a lecture addressing racial equity, law students were asked how they knew their race. People of colour had clear responses, tied to societal perceptions and identity, but when white students were posed the question, they remained silent. This silence, indicative of a lack of fluency around their own whiteness and its cultural, economic, and historic implications, is a crucial issue in America’s race problem. 

Furthermore, the lack of self-awareness about their racial identity perpetuates moments of racial pain and systemic racism. To address this, white individuals must engage in anti-racism work and confront their own relationship with White supremacy. 

Most major publications are stating that White people are the problem or are oblivious to most problems happening in America. However, for the most part, this is not the case as most of the problems are due to the policies enacted by the government. 

Activist claims White people need to be “re-programmed” 

X users state that people of all colours are capable of doing awful things to one and another. Furthermore, users state that in Africa there are Africans unaliving each other due to several differences with each other. In America on the other hand, there are strong rules and regulations for people to not do that.   


Conservatives state that leftists are relying too much on the goodness of politicians. However, the topic of concealed weapons came into the picture. This is another sensitive topic where the left and the right are divided about. However, most agree that the “activist” was spreading a hateful message towards a certain demographic simply due to the colour of their skin. 

Another X user states that the individual is spreading hate towards people in the guise of being kind. Others agree that progressives are the main problem in today’s society as they are pushing for the things that most people disagree with. At the end of the day, everyone wants to live their own life and be happy with their own families. Stirring the pot won’t help anyone.

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