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The controversial topic of trans women entering female sports is at an all time high. This began when Riley Gaines started a campaign to preserve women’s sports after she tied with Lia Thomas. However, this has received mixed reviews from both liberals and conservatives as some agree that trans women should compete with biological women but others do not. 

According to the National Review, Nine Republican governors are urging the NCAA to revise its policies and prohibit male athletes from participating in women’s sports, asserting that such policies are misguided and unfair. They argue that allowing men to compete against women unjustly takes recognition away from exceptional female athletes. 

Furthermore, the letter cites scientific evidence supporting biological differences between males and females in athletic performance. The governors contend that federal inaction necessitates state-level defence of women’s sports fairness. They reference specific cases, like Riley Gaines and Lia Thomas, as examples of the consequences of these policies. 

Conservatives agree with nine governors wanting to preserve women’s sports 

Out of the 50 governors, it appears only 9 support this idea. However, X users state that this is to preserve the rights of women who want to enter sports. They need to receive protection as their transgender counterparts may have a stronger build than them. The current rules for a trans participant are very loose. 


In addition to this, others state that all the governors should support this idea as it is a matter of human rights. They question what kind of country they are living in that does not want to protect the rights of women who’d want to play in sports. Furthermore, there seems to be a lack of argument from the woke side. 

Feminists like Riley Gaines are gaining momentum as this is being discussed. Feminist organisations are stating that she is defending the rights of women as she believes that non-binary and trans individuals should not enter into women’s sports. There are some who suggest that the trans individuals have their own sports categories as it might be a more even playing field for them. 

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