While billions of federal tax dollars are sent to conflicts overseas, the major American cities that were once the heart of America are left to their own devices. It appears that Philadelphia is left to fend for itself with the looming number of illegal immigrants and rampant homeless individuals with mental issues roaming around the city.

Fox News states, Philadelphia’s open-air drug market is described as resembling “a third-world country” by a former heroin addict and activist, Frank Rodriguez. He emphasised the prevalence of people using drugs in the open, drug sales taking place in public, and the visible suffering and pain in the Kensington neighbourhood. 

Furthermore, Rodriguez shared the challenges faced by children growing up in this environment and their perception of addicts and the homeless. He highlighted his mission to humanise addicts and provide support and understanding as they struggle with addiction and mental health issues, emphasising that they are not judged but cared for.

Philadelphia looking like a “third world country” 

Following that, ever since Biden’s administration heavily involved themselves into conflicts overseas, the number of Trump supporters on X are rising. Many are stating that those who still support the Democrats would be perfectly happy living in a dystopian future as long as Trump isn’t in power. 

Seemingly, questions are rising when it comes to “Bidenomics” and its obvious shortcomings when images of third-world-esq American cities are shown daily. 

In addition to this, disgruntled conservatives state that Ukraine is still receiving cash aid from the federal government. It is peculiar that a great country like America is spending its taxpayers money on other countries rather than fixing up themselves. X users are showing their disappointment towards the current government.

Right wing conservatives are openly stating that leftism and wokeism needs to be stopped. They are blaming the woke culture for getting out of hand and letting America and the western world rot. Regardless, the only way out of this is to vote for politicians with the policies that one would find suitable economically, socially and for the country’s interest. 

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