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How to know if you’re dating a marriage-minded person

Modern day dating is filled with all kinds of trials, tribulations and pitfalls and it also applies to marriage-minded people. With crazy-making dating trends afoot, it’s hard to decide other people’s intentions and to figure out if a person is marriage minded, that is if that is something you want or would consider in your future.

The problem is people often say anything when they’re attracted to or infatuated with someone.

So what are the signs and what are the things to look for if you want to ensure the other person has a similar mindset?

Character of a marriage-minded person

It may sound pretty obvious but one cannot hope for anything bigger without integrity, accountability, dependability, kindness, compasssion and quite simply consistency.

As the saying goes love is often in the details, what are these? How responsible a person is, how they treat others, how they handle challenges and overcome hardships. These are all good clues and make a good foundation for any healthy relationship.


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Needless to say if someone cannot communicate well and in a healthy manner, things may very quickly go downhill.  Good communication is also important for conflict resolution. They are geniune and are interested in what you have to say. It’s important to note here that good communication also includes good listening skills.

Interdependent is different from co-dependent or clingy

Wanting to spend time with someone because you look forward to it is hugely different from not being able to spend time on your own or be away for long periods for work for instance because you feel helpless without the other. There is a difference between missing someone in a healthy way and not being able to manage without them at all not even for a couple of hours.

Emotional intelligence and maturity

Handling emotions is a big thing if you’re looking at things long term. You cannot possible stay with anyone who is emotionally volatile and cannot keep their emotions in check. Things to look out for are good boundaries, calmness and a general ability to handle things in a mature and sensible manner.

This includes being emotionally available which is not to be confused with not being able to show emotions. That’s a good thing if expressed well, everyone wants someone who is there for them emotionally and not afraid to express their feelings.

Lifestyle and conversations about the future

How you choose to spend your leisure time and what you allocate your finances for says a lot about a person.

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When they talk about the future, do they factor you in? Someone who is marriage minded will be including you in future conversations. Also see if your dreams, plans and hopes match and whether he or she includes you in theirs. This is perhaps the best sign that your relationship has a great future.

Life decisions

Another big one here, your input is often asked for and requested for big decisions. That’s a good sign. This can include anything from a job change, a big move or purchasing a vehicle.

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