The rampant crime in Democrat majority cities have led to major corporations to react in a cunning manner. Currently, more and more stores are trying to protect their $1 merchandise more than ever. They are displaying pictures of actual pill boxes and other necessity items as photographs on shelves. 

Following that, if someone is interested in buying a strip of Panadols, they would need to call a store assistant. However, in most other countries, this is not the reality as people are free to browse as they like. Unfortunately, due to massive robberies and the lack of punishment for criminals, this is the future of some American cities. 

Just a few months ago, there were mass robberies in Los Angeles. These stores are luxury designer stores. According to GlobalNews, Los Angeles witnessed another high-end store raid with thieves fleeing Ksubi in a $100,000 heist. Days before, a crew stole luxury items from Nordstrom. About 12 masked burglars rushed in, grabbing goods before fleeing in waiting cars. No arrests made; flash robberies persist, prompting a new task force formation.

Are Democrat cities a dystopian future? 

Some are joking that this is Joe Biden’s America, where taxpayer funds are spent frivolously elsewhere rather than helping the American people. Another X user posted a photo of Hershey bars being blocked in protective containers. This is simply to avoid people stealing a literal bar of chocolate. 


In addition to this, X users are joking that there are only two ways to solve this problem. The first solution is to jail the criminals who are stealing these products. The other solution is to literally lock up the products in a cage. However, it appears that the government has chosen which to lock up. 

Criticisms towards the Biden administration are at an all time high as users feel that the current government is not doing their job. Research done by the University of Pennsylvania shows that crime rates have drastically increased since the 2020. This should be a concerning fact to the government. 

Others are comparing America to third world countries, and they state that third world countries are literally allowing their consumers to shop freely. Furthermore, users feel that America is no longer a first world country with the state it currently is in now. 

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