Fan of Andy Lau admits that she was wrong 12 years later

In 2007, Yang Lijuan's father committed suicide due to the pressures of raising money so that she can meet Andy Lau.

Sometimes obsessions can easily turn unhealthy.

That is a lesson that Yang Lijuan, a fan of Heavenly King Andy Lau had to learn when her fixation that led to the death of her father.

In 2007, Yang Lijuan’s father committed suicide due to the pressures of raising money so that she can meet Andy Lau.

40-year-old Yang has insisted for the past 12 years she didn’t know what was wrong and that she was not to be blamed for the tragedy.

However, recently, the fan admits her mistake now and is sorry for what she had done.

For the past 12 years, the Chinese fan who was 28 years old then only dreamed about meeting Andy Lau.

It got so serious to the point that she dropped out of school to pursue her dreams of meeting the Cantopop star.

Her parents used up all their savings and even sold their house to finance the expenses.

Her father also tried to sell his kidney to a hospital but was rejected because it was illegal.

On 25 March 2007, Yang finally got a chance to attend Andy’s birthday party which was organised by his fan club.

However, she was disappointed as she didn’t get a chance to talk to him and only had a few minutes to take a photo with Andy.

Photo: Screengrab from YouTube

Her father then took his own life, leaving a 12-page letter to Andy condemning his coldness towards his daughter and then told him to arrange a private meeting with his daughter.

The father died at the age of 68.

Speaking to Chinese media on Monday (4 Nov), Yang confessed that she was wrong and she would live life differently if she could.

She said: “If I could live life again, I wouldn’t make the same choices.”

To confirm if she was sure, she was asked again and she reaffirmed her response.

Throughout the years, her temper has mellowed and she has been remorseful for her actions, she revealed.

During Qing Ming festival yearly, she pays respects at the river where she scattered her father’s ashes.

The video shows Yang throwing chrysanthemum flowers into the water and said: “Father, your daughter is here to see you. Your daughter knows you made a lot of sacrifices for her. Mother and I are both doing well. I will take care of mum and you’re the best father.

“Please forgive your daughter.”

It was reported that Yang now works at a supermarket in Lanzhou and while she doesn’t earn much, it’s enough for her.

“It’s been so many years since the incident and after all this time… I feel lucky that God didn’t abandon me. I feel grateful every day,” she said. /TISG