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It appears that Joe Biden’s popularity is declining with the influx of illegal migrants coming into America. However, there are rumours that he is trying to stop the flow of these migrants in order to gain better favours for the upcoming elections. For the time being, Trump appears to be the more popular option for voters. 

According to Brietbart, amid mounting domestic pressure, President Joe Biden is prioritising emergency talks with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador over critical negotiations with Republicans on border reforms. The shift in diplomacy follows Biden’s faltering poll ratings due to a surge of millions of illegal migrants and GOP demands for border policy changes.

Biden seeks Mexico’s assistance in combating cartels driving migration. Critics like Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies director, accuse Biden of lax enforcement, creating unprecedented migration. Meanwhile, Democrats’ negotiations with GOP senators, aimed at border security, involve Biden’s migration chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, who’s now redirected to the Mexico talks.

The move risks complicating negotiations and undermines Democrats’ national security claims. Mexico’s role in curbing migration has led to trade disruptions, forcing attention on the border.

Biden allegedly “begging” Mexico to control migrant flow 


Conservatives are effectively blaming Biden for the whole situation going south. They state that he is the main cause of the current crisis as he stopped the construction of the border wall and paused deportations during the same time. Furthermore, some even claimed that he intentionally opened the border. 

Others do not believe that President Biden had to “beg” for the Mexican government to stop the influx of these migrants. X users state that he could easily implement what former President Trump wanted to, which is having stronger borders with clearly defined rules on asylum seekers. 

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