The debate regarding Joe Biden’s alleged cognitive decline has now been replaced with Donald Trump’s cognitive strength. Apparently, a popular conservative speaker, Megyn Kelly has made a controversial statement regarding just that. However, Trump is still rather popular among Americans. 

According to Politico, Megyn Kelly, known for her candidness, critiqued Trump’s decline on Glenn Beck’s show. She expressed preference for Trump over Biden but highlighted Trump’s decline, noting his confusion between Biden and Obama, referencing repeated slips. Concerns about mental capabilities of both 81-year-old Biden and 77-year-old Trump have arisen due to their age, with Kelly attributing Trump’s slips to his age. 

She underscored the differences between Trump in ’16 and now, questioning his current mental acuity. Trump, focusing on Biden’s health, criticised Biden’s coherence. In another interview with Hannity, Trump lambasted Biden’s competence, although the interview was edited, raising doubts about what may have been omitted.

Furthermore, she claims that he sometimes forgets what city he is in. Megyn Kelly adds that Trump is only human and this is a possibility for older individuals. Furthermore, Kelly states that the Republican party needs a second person behind Trump incase of any problems that might occur later on. 

X users react to Megyn Kelly’s statement regarding Trump’s alleged cognitive decline 

Several X users state that they have seen it happening for quite some time. Following that, an X user claims that this has been going on since 2015. This is due to him making several bold claims during certain events. The user adds that Trump at times can have sudden jerks to his body movement. 

However, others claim that Trump isn’t that “bright” to begin with. This is of course the opinion of some X users. For those who support the Republicans, they on the other hand believe that he is the perfect candidate to run as the President of the United States. Regardless, both parties are offering their older members to be the President. 

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