In a passionate rebuke, Naomi Biden, President Biden’s granddaughter, has finally spoken out against Fox News host Jesse Watters, condemning his recent offensive remarks targeting her family.

Watters, now recognized as Fox News’ most vocal far-right commentator following Tucker Carlson‘s departure, stooped to a new level with a troubling tirade questioning President Biden’s parenting skills and launching an attack on Naomi’s father, Hunter Biden.

A bad father?

The reprehensible monologue focused on the President’s handling of the southern border. Watters embarked on an irrational rant, accusing Biden of being “bad on the border” by linking alleged parental shortcomings to Hunter Biden’s struggles with substance abuse.

Watters asserted, insinuating that Biden’s supposed parenting flaws extended to his leadership on border security, “The man can’t say no to his own son.” The heartless commentary continued, suggesting that a strong leader at the border should be capable of enforcing consequences, unlike Biden.

Naomi Biden pushes back

Responding swiftly, the Biden granddaughter, Naomi Biden, condemned Watters for crossing the line with his insensitive remarks. She took to Twitter to express her outrage, stating, “I have heard so many lies about my family; it takes a lot to make me upset. This crosses the line.” Naomi underscored the cruelty of attacking a family grappling with the complex and tragic issue of substance abuse, emphasizing that privacy and compassion should be extended to those facing such challenges, rather than subjecting them to mockery.

In reaction to Watters’ comments, Naomi aptly commented, “Not sure how this man can call himself a reporter, and I hope he never has a son or daughter who struggles with anything. You can disagree with his policies without being this ugly.”

As the nation contends with divisive issues, Naomi’s resolute call for a more compassionate and respectful public dialogue serves as a reminder that policy disagreements should never be a pretext for personal attacks.

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