Conservatives are rejoicing after knowing the fact that 25 Republican governors are showing support for Texas. Most conservative Americans agree that the US border should be stricter. The state of Texas is seen as a state that is willing to protect the United States at all costs by standing up to the Biden administration. 

BBC states that the Republican governors from half of the US states are supporting Texas in a growing clash with the federal government over illegal immigration. Despite a recent Supreme Court ruling against Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s use of razor wire along the border with Mexico, he has pledged to add more to address what he terms an “invasion.” 

A joint statement from 25 Republican governors expresses solidarity with Abbott, emphasizing the need to protect American citizens from the surge in illegal immigrants, lethal drugs like fentanyl, and potential terrorists. 

The border dispute intensifies as Abbott faces legal challenges from the Biden administration over additional measures and migrant detentions, with calls for President Biden to take stronger action.

Republicans supporting Texas’ efforts to stop illegals coming into America 

X users are calling the Chicago and New York mayor “pathetic” for not wanting to stand with Texas in this time of crisis. Furthermore, they state that these “sanctuary cities” are begging for the flow of illegals to stop, but yet at the same time are agreeing with the Democrats in bringing them into the country. 

Others fear that a civil war is imminent as opposing states are showing their resistance towards the Federal government. Following that, conservatives are against having such a war as they know it will be bad for the country. An X user states that Biden needs to step up in order to protect America, but another user feels that it is up to each individual state to do that. 

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