Nikki Haley, slavery

Nikki Haley has gotten backlash for her rather unconventional views as a Republican candidate. X users are calling her a Democrat in disguise simply due to her views aligning with theirs more. A viral video shows her “scolding” conservatives for being “disrespectful” towards illegal immigrants. However, she currently has a stricter view on illegal immigration.

According to the Washington Post, immigration, a core theme in Trump’s campaigns, has become a focal point again, especially with the rising popularity of Nikki Haley. As a strong contender for the Trump alternative, Haley faces scrutiny over her past comments advocating tolerance for migrants. 

Furthermore, Trump aims to portray her as too liberal on immigration, while Haley emphasises her robust immigration policies as the former governor of South Carolina, creating a central point of contention in their competition. 

Nikki Haley past comments on illegal immigrants 

For the most part, X users feel that the comments in the video made by Haley are recent. When in reality, these comments are made around 2015, where the momentum against illegal migrants were not as strong as they are today. Conservatives state that she is everything a conservative is not. 

Following that, X users are throwing bold accusations towards her saying that she is not a real “contender.” They state that no “MAGA” supporter would ever support her being a Republican candidate. However, politicians tend to change their viewpoints over the span of their respective careers. 

Others made several comments about how they feel regarding the illegal situation. For the most part, Americans are still vehemently unhappy with the illegals coming in droves to their country. 

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