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The recent scandal of the displacement of homeless individuals in San Francisco for the visit of President Xi of China has made conservatives talk. X users state that the Democrats are building a literal wall to keep homeless Americans away from areas the Chinese President will visit. For obvious reasons, this is meant to show that the city is vibrant and safe. 

According to Fox News, San Francisco is undergoing a major transformation in preparation for a crucial U.S.-China summit, with initiatives such as the removal of homeless camps. The city aims to showcase cleanliness and attract an estimated $53 million boost to the economy during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. 

Furthermore, while the efforts have noticeably improved street cleanliness, concerns arise about the displacement of homeless individuals. Emails reveal city officials’ focus on cleaning areas close to key summit locations. The conference offers economic prospects for San Francisco, but critics question the city’s priorities, emphasizing the need for a sustainable solution to homelessness.

Displacement of homeless people in San Francisco for President Xi’s visit 

X users state that it literally took a few days for the city council to clear up the homeless people from the area. They state that this is quite possible if the Democrats intended to actually solve the problem. However, seemingly, they’re only doing it to impress foreign leaders. 

Following that, X users state that the Chinese President managed to solve this problem even before his visit. Others wonder who is really in charge of the Democrats as they are going to extreme lengths to impress other nations. For the most part, many are upset to see San Francisco end up in such a dystopian way. 

In addition to this, social media commenters state that the cost of placing the homeless people in high end hotels is most probably very expensive. They claim that it will most definitely shock the tax payers of the city. Regardless, many are calling on the bluff of the Democrats for doing this. 

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