Eating at fast food joints in America can be challenging. There are speculations when it comes to the health aspect of the consumer eating these products. However, for this particular Subway customer, it was an unfortunate incident. This is all an alleged story as it is not entirely confirmed by Subway. 

According to, a stomach-churning incident at a Lansing, Michigan Subway branch, a customer recently discovered something unspeakable in her meal, as documented in a viral TikTok video. The video revealed feces allegedly smeared on her sandwich wrapper. 

Although the customer initially attributed a strange smell in her car to sewage in the parking lot, she soon realized the stench persisted at home. Suspicion grew as she couldn’t confirm whether it was dog or human feces. The Ingham County Health Department later suggested it was cookie chocolate, but their conclusion was based on discussions, not swab tests, leaving some skeptical about the bizarre incident’s resolution. 

TikToker found “poo” in Subway sandwich 

X users are giving advice towards the situation. A user states that it would be best to disinfect one’s mouth first before doing anything. The next part would be for them to report it to the local authorities to figure out the matter. Lastly, the best way to do it is for the customer to file a lawsuit against Subway for a seven figure settlement. 

Others are expressing their dissatisfaction when it comes to eating out in America. The user claims that this is no longer the best experience for the consumer. Furthermore, they add that managers aren’t pulling their weight when it comes to staff training. However, others claim that this has more to do with the higher ups rather than the management itself. 

A user even joked about the situation stating that this is the sole reason why they cook at home. Despite this, others told the user that the main point of people buying fast food items is for them to enjoy the food. Not because they are unable to cook their own food, and there are several other reasons that come to play as well. 

Regardless, what would you do if you ever come across a situation like this? Would you exercise your consumer rights, or would you just stop eating at the restaurant again? 

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