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Conservatives are very sensitive when it comes to those educating the next generation. Unfortunately, a teacher in Arizona wore a costume that depicts satan and chanted “hail satan” to his students in a classroom. For obvious reasons, this is unsettling and is making a lot of people uncomfortable. 

According to the Turning Point USA, a Mesa Public School teacher, Jesse Ruiz, has been put on administrative leave following allegations that he displayed satanic symbols in class and chanted “Hail Satan.” Concerned parent Chris Hamlet reported the incident involving his son at Mesa High School, where Ruiz wore horns, held a pitchfork, and said “Hail Satan” to students. 

Furthermore, the teacher’s behaviour reportedly included accusing Hamlet’s son of homophobia due to his Christian beliefs in a prior altercation. Mesa Public Schools is currently investigating these allegations, and Ruiz is on administrative leave. Regardless of intent, such actions are deemed inappropriate for a classroom.

Teacher placed on leave after saying “hail satan” to kids 


Following that, some users state that this is precisely why men should not be teachers. However, this is subjective towards the individual, as there might possibly be female teachers who could do the same thing. Most users agree that the teacher should be fired and to never return to school. 

However, there are some conservatives that state they would have defended the teacher if it was a halloween costume. On the contrary, it was not even Halloween. Furthermore, other users do not agree that Halloween costumes like that should even be worn by teachers. Educational spaces should remain as educational spaces. 


Others state that a similar reaction will occur if a teacher were to wear a costume of Jesus or Buddha. Most agree that this incident is taking things too far as impressionable kids might pick up this behaviour from their teacher. Regardless, most conservative now believe in homeschooling their children.

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